Dating video game addict

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He knew things about them, and felt connected to them. World of Warcraft (Wo W) was his first game of choice. I on the other hand, couldn’t sit in one spot for 10 hours a day. He had his step dad start the game, and then his mom. At dinners with his family they would just talk about gaming.

He played it each day as he needed to keep up his numbers. The new extensions had him talking about them every day. His gaming progressed to Rift, and League of Legends (LOL). He would do a date night, but sometimes he would say I need to cut it short as the guys want me to join their raid.

Weeks passed, then months, and I saw how much the computer and his virtual life meant to him. When I did talk, he appeared to care, but couldn’t remember what I said.

Every time I confront him about this, he calls me a drama queen. He lets one aspect of his life dominate him so much (in the name of passion) that he loses sight of how it negatively impacts others around him. I knew that things couldn’t continue this way anymore. In the months to come after the Alberta visit I decided to tell Joe. That is when I saw my sister and brother in law having a healthy loving relationship. The fact that he defends his indefensible behavior by calling you a “drama queen” is indicative of how he’s lost touch with how normal humans interact.It’s not your job to talk to him, try to bond with him or help him rehabilitate. I love video games, and I’m an editor of a gaming news website.

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